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µFR Zero Series- NFC RFID Reader Writer With SDK         New!     

   µFR Zero Series: Multi-Protocol NFC Readers / Writers

µFR Zero NFC readers are modular, multi-ISO devices designed for NFC development. They operate at 13.56MHz, and support ISO15693 and ISO14443 A/B standards. These NFC devices feature USB CCID, UART, RS232 connectivity, Dynamic Power Control, Low Power Card Detection, Secure Element, RTC, and SAM Slot.
Available add-ons include Access Control with integrated solid state relays, RGB LEDs, OLED displays, PIN pad, Wiegand interface, RS485 interface, etc.


NFC RFID Reader Writer - uFR NanoNew!     

   DL512 Series: Arduino-based NFC RFID Reader Writer

The DL512 NFC RFID reader-writer module is an advanced and compact NFC RFID development board based on Arduino® technology and pin-to-pin compatible with Arduino Nano. Built around the authentic NXP’s PN512 NFC frontend chip and ATmega32U MCU, this single-board NFC module provides consistent, efficient performance,  offering seamless upgrades for those familiar with the standard Arduino and NFC Shield approach.  Simplifying the process of incorporating NFC technology into Arduino projects, the DL512 module is a simple and cost-effective choice for creative projects and innovations that require Arduino-compatible development platforms with an NFC RFID reader.


NFC RFID Reader Writer - uFR NanoNew!     

   JustID Series: HID ~ Keyboard Emulator ~ UID Reader

The JustID Series offers a simplified NFC reader for quick NFC card UID reading, supporting HID and CDC ACM interfaces. Ideal for setups that require quick and uncomplicated NFC card UID reading, the JustID Series is especially useful in environments like retail, event management, or any application where simple and rapid identification is needed. The series is designed to offer hassle-free operation, making it accessible even to users with minimal technical expertise.


NFC RFID Reader Writer - uFR Series

µFR Series: NFC RFID Reader Writer Development Tools + Free SDK

The µFR Series is an advanced 13.56 MHz NFC RFID reader/writer lineup supporting ISO14443 A&B and ISO18092 standards, perfect for developers and integrators across various industries. Various designed models share custom-developed SDKs, software tools, libraries, and API references. The product's compatibility across models of this series and availability as OEM modules make them particularly valuable development tools.  As a multi-platform solution, µFR supports all major OSes and platforms such as Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, Raspberry Pi, Beagle Board, Arduino, and other single-board computers. Make the integration fast and easy by searching our software repository for your preferred programming languages SDK, such as Java, PHP, Javascript,  Lazarus, Python, VB.NET, C, C++, C#, etc. 


Long-Range HF Reader Writer - µFR XL

µFR XL OEM: Unique HF Long-Range NFC RFID Reader Writer

The µFR XL OEM is a large-size version of the HF 13.56 MHz NFC RFID reader-writer module. This model's advantage is its size, unusually long read range, and 4 RGB LEDs for light signalization. Because of the massive built-in RF antenna, this device offers a longer reading range than other ISO14443 standard devices. As a result, the device can scan RFID NFC cards at an impressive distance of up to 200 mm (7.87"). 
Due to its extraordinary features, it is the preferred NFC RFID module for embedded systems developers seeking a high-security NFC solution.


NFC RFID Reader Writer - uFR Nano

µFR Nano Online:  Network NFC RFID Reader Writer (WiFi/2.4GHz/Ethernet)

µFR Nano Online, an innovative wireless NFC RFID reader-writer solution, enhances the interaction between smart cards and central software by enabling several methods for long-distance transmission. We offer models of this RFID reader-writer module supplied with WiFi (TCP/IP, HTTP, UDP), BLE (Serial, HID, BLE), and USB interface, with the availability of GPIO and Ethernet upgraded models. Wireless NFC Reader µFR Nano Online is a cross-platform smart card reader-writer based on Digital Logic’s proprietary API and communication protocol, combined with an ESP32 system on a chip microcontroller. All this fits into a single, small chassis measuring only 86 x 27 x 10 mm.


NFC RFID Reader Writer - DL533N

DL533N Series: libNFC-supported PN533-Based NFC RFID Reader Writer 

The DL533N NFC reader is based on the NXP PN533 chip and was designed in accordance with manufacturer recommendations and requirements. It is a fully NFC Forum-compliant NFC reader that supports open-source LibNFC libraries and software. All software samples can be downloaded from the LibNFC community forum. The device is offered in three configurations: Desktop Reader, USB Dongle, and XL Reader for NFC smart shelves.


NFC RFID Reader Writer - uFR Nano customization

What if your project requires a customized solution?

Our products, designed for creative professionals and businesses, are highly customizable, with options ranging from minor changes such as altering the color of the enclosure or its rebranding to significant ones like developing a whole new product. Our hardware engineers are ready for any challenge. You are welcome to contact us with your request for any product upgrade or custom solution development. We will be happy to tailor the right solution for you.