NTAG213 Tag - NFC RFID 13.56MHz ISO14443

NTAG213 Tag - NFC RFID 13.56MHz ISO14443

RGB LED Ring 24

LED Ring 24 - 24 x 5050 controllable RGB LED (APA104 | SK6812) with integrated drivers

NTAG216 Tag - NFC RFID 13.56MHz ISO14443

NTAG216 Stickers - RFID 13.56MHz ISO 14443 - blank

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NTAG216 Stickers - RFID 13.56MHz ISO 14443 - blank


The NTAG216 is the new NFC forum-compliant Type 2 tag product developed by NXP Semiconductors for applications in electronics (i.e. connection handover, Bluetooth simple pairing, Wi-Fi Protected set-up, device authentication, gaming, and others). NTAG21xF product family offers innovative functionalities like configuration of the field detection, the SLEEP mode, the FAST_READ command, and configurable password protection. The NTAG21xF product family is designed to fully comply with NFC Forum Type 2 Tag and ISO/IEC14443 Type A specifications.


    • The manufacturer programmed 7-byte UID for each device
    • Capability container with one-time programmable bits
    • Field programmable read-only locking function per page up to 0Fh page (per 2 pages (NTAG 213) or 16 pages (NTAG 216) for the extended memory section)
    • ECC-based originality signature
    • 32-bit password protection to prevent unauthorized memory operations

Sleep mode   

The NTAG21xF product family offers the SLEEP mode feature which allows the electronic device connected with the NTAG21xF to disable the NTAG21xF product by shorting the field detect pin to the ground followed by an RF field reset. This enables the electronic device to hide the NTAG21xF product from the NFC reader device in case e.g. its battery level is too low or for privacy reasons.


NFC Forum Tag 2 Type compliance   

NTAG21xF IC provides full compliance with the NFC Forum Tag 2 Type technical specification and enables NDEF data structure configurations.


An intelligent anticollision function allows to operation of more than one tag in the field simultaneously. The anticollision algorithm selects each tag individually and ensures that the execution of a transaction with a selected tag is performed correctly without interference from another tag in the field.


Features and Benefits   

    • Contactless transmission of data and supply of energy
    • Operating frequency of 13.56 MHz
    • Data transfer of 106 kbit/s
    • Data integrity of 16-bit CRC, parity, bit coding, bit counting
    • Operating distance up to 100 mm (depending on various parameters e.g. field strength and antenna geometry)
    • 7-byte serial number (cascade level 2 according to ISO/IEC 14443-3)
    • True anticollision
    • ECC-based originality signature
    • Fast read command
    • UID ASCII mirror for automatic serialization of NDEF messages
    • Automatic NFC counter triggered at read command
    • NFC counter ASCII mirror for automatically adding actual read counter value to the NDEF message
    • Configurable Field detect pin with open drain implementation
    • SLEEP mode to disable or re-enable the NTAG21xF device from the connected electronics device side



    • 924 bytes organized in 231 pages with 4 bytes per page
    • 888 bytes freely available user Read/Write area (222 pages)
    • 4 bytes initialized capability container with one-time programmable access bits
    • Field programmable read-only locking function per page for the first 16 pages
    • Field programmable read-only locking function per 16 pages for NTAG216
    • Configurable password protection with an optional limit of unsuccessful attempts
    • Anti-tearing support for capability container (CC) and lock bits
    • ECC-supported originality check
    • Data retention time of 10 years
    • Write endurance 100.000 cycles


    • Goods and device authentication
    • Call Request
    • SMS
    • Call to action
    • Bluetooth pairing
    • WiFi pairing
    • Connection handover
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