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In order to satisfy the specific requirements of our customers, as an electronics manufacturing company, we offer product customization in addition to our regular product line. If you could not find the product you were looking for on our website, please submit a customization request.

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We will help you find the best possible solution to your problem. Our vast experience with NFC RFID technology guarantees that we will help you choose the most favorable solution for your project.

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Need help with the implementation of our devices? Please don't hesitate to contact us. We provide extensive technical documentation and free email technical support. Our friendly technical support team is at your service from Monday to Friday.

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In addition to technical documentation and free email support, we offer fast Premium support plans with remote assistance.


NFC RFID Reader Writer - uFR Series

NFC RFID Development tools - µFR Series

All NFC Readers from the µFR Series are based on the same SDK API by Digital Logic. Devices support all major platforms such as Windows, Linux, OS X, and Android. Devices also support all major hardware including Raspberry PI & Beagle Board. Fully featured SDK for Java, PHP, Javascript, Delphi, Lazarus, Python, VB.NET, C, C++, and C# available for free download.


NFC RFID Reader Writer - uFR Nano

NFC RFID Reader Writer - µFR Nano

Currently, our best-selling NFC Reader, µFR Nano is a small powerful tool for NFC Card reading and programming. It contains comprehensive software support for easy and RFID smart card manipulation. The device supports MIFARE®, and other ISO14443A/B compatible cards, tags, key fobs, stickers, and wristbands. Supported operating systems: Windows, Linux, OS X, Android.


NFC RFID Reader Writer - uFR Classic

NFC RFID Reader Writer - µFR Classic & µFR Classic CS

µFR Classic is a contactless RFID NFC card programmer with development tools. A recent hardware redesign adds features such as NFC tag emulation, controllable RGB LED lights, RF Range Booster, and Secure Access Module (SAM) the Device is available in two versions: μFR CLASSIC (rugged desktop version) and μFR CLASSIC CS (slim, ISO card size version). The μFR Series software contains the library for working with: Java, Java Applet, JavaScript, Lazarus, Delphi, C++ Builder, Microsoft Visual C++ .NET, Microsoft Visual C#, Microsoft Visual Basic .NET


Access Control Reader Writer - Base HD

Access Control & Time Attendance - Base HD

Our flag-ship device, Base HD, is a contactless Smart Card RFID Reader/Writer/Programmer intended for use with MIFARE® and other ISO14443A/B compatible cards/tags/key fobs. The built-in Relay enables the device to be used for access control. Internal memory stores up to 32000 events. Real-Time Clock as a built-in feature provides better time accuracy and also prevents unauthorized time changes of a card log because the device sends time stamps for a particular card. Base HD NFC Reader/Writer fully supports both 4-byte and 7-byte card UIDs and anti-collision mechanisms.


NFC RFID Reader Writer - DL533N

NFC RFID Reader Writer - DL533N

DL533N NFC reader is built upon the NXP PN533 chip according to manufacturers' recommendations and guidelines. It is a full NFC Forum compliant NFC Reader which uses LibNFC Open Source libraries and software. All software examples are available for download from the LibNFC community forum. The device is available in three versions: Desktop Reader, USB Dongle, and XL Reader for NFC smart shelves.


RFID PC/SC Reader Writer - DL533R

NFC RFID Reader Writer - DL533R

DL533R is an RFID PC/SC Reader built upon the NXP PR533 RFID chip. DL533R is compliant with EMV contactless specification V2.0.1 when used in PCD mode. It is ideal for use as a part of PC integration & peripherals, Electronic identity (eID) applications, Online payment/Internet security, identity validations, vending machines, e-kiosk, etc. The device is available in two versions: Desktop Reader and USB Dongle


NFC RFID Readers Writers with RF Booster and SAM slot

RF Range Booster and SAM support

µFR Classic, µFR Classic CS, µFR Advance, DL533N CS, and DL533R CS RFID NFC Readers are now available with RF Range Booster and Secure Access Module (SAM) as optional equipment. These new features add longer reading distance and enhanced security to all previously mentioned devices. All NFC Reader versions are CE-certified.


NFC RFID Reader Writer - uFR Nano customization

Does your Business Solution need customization?

Designed for creative professionals and companies, all our products are highly customizable, whether it's small customization such as enclosure color change or big one such as designing a completely new product. Our hardware engineers are ready for any challenge. Contact us for custom solutions and product upgrades. We'll be glad to assist you.


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